What do you do in winter?

You might think we put our feet up in winter at CBK. We only open Thurs-Sun and close at 4pm, it’s alright for some eh! We do chill down a bit, this is when the staff fit in their holidays, usually somewhere hot and sunny. But its also the time of year for staff training, planning, developing new activities and fixing all the stuff we broke in the summer season. So what’s going on in Winter 2015/16?

Cullercoats: Perfect for watersports

For many years, when you think of watersports and North Tyneside you think of surfing on Longsands. There is no disputing that it is a great surf beach, probably the best locally. We use it ourselves for all of our surf activities. But all the things that make it a great surf beach also make it not-so-great for many other water-based activities. The beach is long and lacks shelter from swell, it is also prone to sudden rip current formation, so knowing where and when to bathe can be tricky.


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